SolUmi K2000 ®

How work the Solumi K2000® System

The water enters the materials used for the construction of buildings from their base through capillary pores. This water carries salts solution from the soil in the walls ; (There is not distilled water in the ground!); the main engine of the ascent is the surface tension (TS), assisted by the evaporation; the capillaries can contain a huge amounts of water (up to 300 liters/m cube wall!);

The success of some thousands of Solumi K2000® Systems activated are evidence of the their effectiveness:

  • Solumi K2000® System dries the walls
  • Solumi K2000® System protects masonry from rising damp.
  • Solumi K2000® System eliminates musty smell.
  • Solumi K2000® System improves air quality
  • Solumi K2000® System prevents the dreaded damage of the plaster forever.
  • Solumi K2000® System saves time and money!

Rising damp?
The problem is now solved thanks to Solumi K2000® System

Verifica situazione muri

Cause della risalita

The water is composed of molecules called “dipoles polarized”. The dipoles are linked together by hydrogen bonds and covalent and form clusters. These are the links that generate the voltage at the air / water surface. Nell’aria si forma una goccia, ma in un capillare siliceo (esistente in quasi tutti i materiali edili) la TS alza l'acqua a contatto con la parete e così causa la risalita.


Solumi K2000®

The precise pulses of electromagnetic waves multi – low frequencies, generated by the system SOLUMI K2000 disturb the geometry of the connections of covalent and hydrogen dipole groupings and breaking them through resonance, nullifying the TS and thus preventing the ascent.


Risultato finale

No power supply from the soil, is interrupted the supply of new water in the walls again, while the one already present in them ,evaporates gradually. In this way the dissolved salts are brought on the surface of the walls: it can be analyzed by ion chromatography and removed with a wrap for the extraction with a view to obtaining a wall clean and dry.


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