SolUmi K2000 ®

Ecological | Economic | Efficient

  • The Solumi K2000® System is effective for every type of wall structure, both external walls, interior walls or walls included in the effective range (14m).
  • The Solumi K2000® System does not require the use of chemicals, synthetic or physical barriers
  • The Solumi K2000® System has a low energy consumption.
  • In combination with appropriate plaster and mineral colors, the Solumi K2000® System allows immediate use of the rooms.
  • The Solumi K2000® System guarantees the permanent dehumidification of walls, protects the new plaster and painting.
  • The Solumi K2000® System complies with the provisions of UNESCO on the maintenance of buildings and historical monuments protected by the Fine Arts.

Why prefer the system Solumi K2000® System?

The presence of the Solumi K2000® System on the international market with undiminished efficiency since 1986 and several thousand copies installed throughout Europe ‘s are the best guarantee of efficiency, effectiveness and reliability of the system;

The Solumi K2000® System has unique technical characteristics, very difficult to reproduce;

The Solumi K2000® System has a European quality certificate for dehumidification of walls;

The Solumi K2000® System has a certificate that guarantees the ‘safety for the purposes of’ electromagnetic pollution


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